BTS - Blue & Grey

BTS - Blue & Grey
Формат: MP3
Размер: 9.85 MB
Скачали: 5
Длительность: 04:15
Качество: 320 kbps
Дата релиза: 20 ноябрь 2020
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Текст песни

Where is my angel

The end of the day

Someone come and save me, please

A weary sigh of a tiring day

I guess everyone's happy

Can you look at me? 'Cause I am blue and grey

The meaning of the tears reflected in the mirror

My color hidden with a smile, blue and grey

I don't know where it went wrong

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a blue question mark in my hеad

Maybe that's why I've been living so fiercеly

But when I look back, I'm all by myself

That hazy shadow that swallows me up

Still, the blue question mark, is it anxiety or depression?

How am I so regretful?

Or maybe it's me that loneliness gave birth to

I still don't know, dark blue

I hope it doesn't erode me, I'll find an exit

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